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Innovations that Impact Lives

Incorporated in 2021, the Cell Biotech Institute (CBI) is a private biomedical institute focussing on research, innovation and training in the area of cellular biotechnology. CBI seeks to provide the best-in-class personalised care to our patients. We use a range of genomic, proteomic, metabolomic and immunologic tools to understand disease pathology, as well as establish the best-in-class tools and therapies against selected diseases. Our work involves the diagnosis, monitoring, and establishment of best therapies for rare and complex illnesses. We work hand-in-hand with a patient's doctor to identify the best-in-class therapy for illnesses that would otherwise have limited-to-no treatment options. Essentially, we seek to improve disease outcomes by offering the best-in-class treatment options for each client.

Our areas of work include cancer diagnostics and management, a diabetes clinic, a fertility consultancy clinic, a biobank facility, a natural therapeutics clinic and the school of biomedical sciences. We are proud to be the first company to offer services within the personalised medicine space for the benefit of our region and beyond. We rely on a set of cellular, molecular, biochemical and immunological tools to diagnose, monitor and seek best treatments for individual patients. Our methods allow us to stand above the rest in areas of cancer and diabetes management and treatment. We also continuously update our list of efficaceous drugs and treatment stretegies for the benefit of our patients. Our key research and innovation activities are set to start by the end of 2022. In the meantime, you can access some of our products from our online shop. Contact us today for a solution.

The Cell Biotech Institute is committed to unlock the potential of cell biotechnology for improved healthcare delivery in Southern Africa. CBI relies on its resolute and qualified staff, and continuously updates technologies to ensure that its services remain relevant to the ever-evolving pathologies and healthcare needs.

We continue to engage potential investors to be part of our institute.

Leading the way...
Our Mission

CBI’s mission is to lead the way in the field of personalised medicine. We hope to achieve this by offering the best-in-class personalised care services with an overarching aim to bettering the lives of all people in Southern Africa. Owing to their high cost, personalised medical services have remained a preserve for the rich members of society. CBI has taken an initiative to ensure that every member of our society gets equal access to these services, thus ensuring improved quality of life in all people. CBI relies on the power of cell biotechnology to understand, diagnose, manage and facilitate treatment of the most concerning of human diseases. Our technologies enable us to study your disease within a plate, thus allowing us to establish optimal treatment of your disease. Contact us today to discuss your health concern.

CBI seeks to become a knowledge hub which brings together biomedical and clinical scientists from across the region under one roof to find solutions to the emerging and re-emerging challenges affecting humankind.

As a rule, we seek to ensure greater peace of mind in every patient walking through our doors. We proud ourselves for housing cutting-edge biomedical technologies that allow us to accurately diagnose, monitor disease progression and establish optimal treatment regiments, thus ensuring best disease outcomes and reducing the cost of healthcare. Our expertise also allows us to make real impact within the personalised medicine space.

Our primary target to make discoveries that help us fight diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, cirrhosis and arthritis.

Our long-term goal is to deliver cell-based therapies against all diseases that affect humankind. Our Biomedical Education and Training division was setup as a hub for lifelong learning in the Biomedical Sciences. This ensures that clinical and biomedical scientists - the people who work behind the scenes in diagnostic and biomedical laboratory – stay up to date with the developments in the field.

Innovating for the future...
Our Vision

We seek to become a world leader in biomedical sciences, particularly within the personalised patientcare space. To meet this vision, we undertake to stay in tune with the latest developments in the field, and to keep updating our technologies to current world standards.

Cost-effective biomedical technologies...
Our Goals

CBI is seeking to redefine healthcare in Southern Africa. We have taken the initiative to be a first to provide high quality personalised diagnostic services and therapeutic services inorder to meet the needs of all people in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in the region. To ensure equal access to our services, we undertake to use the most cost effective and informative tools that allow us to unequivocally diagnose and monitor your disease, as well as discover medicines specially tailored to your specific needs! Our approach and expertise enable us to make available optimal treatment options within days to weeks – depending on the complexity of your illness. While personalised medicine is not a new field, CBI has taken the initiative to be a first to capitalise on the power of this form of medicine for the benefit of every patient. We note that the more economically privileged members of the society often seek these services abroad, including from Asia, Europe, Middle East and USA. This realisation motivated us introduce these services to Southern Africa.

Patient welfare...

Our Values

Our company is set on a different platform from the rest, we are a way of life, and an entire philosophy set to better disease outcomes and improve the quality of lives. We owe our impact to our resolute staff and leadership whose mission is to improve the health of every patient in Zimbabwe and beyond. To remain relevant within the healthcare sector, we undertake to continuously align our technologies and methods to the needs of the day, notwithstanding the regulatory framework of the land.

CBI was created on the premise that every life is unique, as such we seek to offer treatment options that are unique to each patient's status and needs. We work around the clock to make sure that we meet the exact needs of every customer - thanks to our resolute, friendly and professional team of scientists and healthcare personnel who ensure that every patient receives best-in-class service.

Feel free to contact us for any of your health needs. Our team will discuss with you all the necessary routes you can follow towards your speedy and full recovery.

Our overarching promise is that no health challenge shall be too big for us to solve, or otherwise attempt to do so! Our up-to-date tools and skills should allow us to maintain our position as a regional leader within our field of science.

Cutting-edge technologies...
Our Approaches

Our key facilities include Personalised Medicine, Disease Management and Diagnostics, Natural Therapies Clinic, Fertility Consultancy Clinic, and the School of Biomedical Education and Training.

In-order that our services stay relavant to developments within the area of personalised medicine and biomedical sciences in general, we keep updating our skills and technologies to current requirements and demands. We also keep channelling our products through a strict drug development pipeline. We make strides to come up with the most natural and efficacious, and safest therapeuitics for the benefit of all.

To offer you the best service, we need to work with your family doctor, surgeon or physician and obtain biopsies from the diseased part of your body (e.g., cancerous tissue or other). We then isolate cells from the diseased tissues and use our set of innovative tools to select the safest and most efficacious from a gallery of therapeutic drugs. We then discuss our findings with your doctor. Further, to ensure your complete recovery, we would also periodically obtain biopsies and blood samples, and use our tools to monitor the progression of your disease. In short, our services would allow your doctor to prescribe you with the best treatment for your illness. Additionally, we provide consultancy services for those faced with fertility problems. We also offer focussed training to biomedical and clinical scientists to ensure quality service within these fields.
Consult us today and allow us to offer you that personalised solution to your health puzzle.

Leading the way...
Our Leadership

Professor Walter Chingwaru (BSc Biol., MSc Appl. Microbiol., PhD Biomed.), founder and CEO of CBI​

After his return home to Zimbabwe from Europe, Prof. Walter Chingwaru has undertaken a research sabbatical in Ireland, where he sharpened his cellular biotechnology skills, particularly the use of high content imaging, fluorescence microscopy and automated liquid handling platforms at National University of Ireland Galway. As a result of intensive training and expertise, Walter has refocused his attention to cancer pathogenesis. Walter’s research team concentrates on the use of confocal / non-confocal fluorescence microscopy to understand cancer progression and identify drugs with novel anticancer effects. As a result, he took the initiative to employ his wealthy of skills to help solve the growing cancer epidemic in Southern Africa.

His work is disseminated worldwide through his contribution to guest lectures, conferences and workshops, and internationally through co-authored peer reviewed publications. Walter has authored over 40 peer reviewed publications in medium to high impact peer reviewed journals reflecting his ability to produce internationally competitive research of high quality > 1300 total citations, generating an h-index of 16 and i10-index of 20. Walter has maintained a passion in public health, especially health, well-being and safety of the vulnerable members of society, as well as inspiring other scientists to see the opportunities to make a difference to people's health through science. He is also expert reviewer for numerous peer reviewed journals and editor/academic editor for a few peer reviewed journals.

Over the years, Walter made immense contributions to public health through publication of handy pieces of advice on topical health issues in Zimbabwe's mainstream media and on social media platforms. Walter took the initiative to establish CBI as a hub to solve the growing burden of non-communicable diseases in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa. He undertakes to use most cost-effective technologies to diagnose, monitor and establish best therapies for conditions that include cancer, diabetes, a number of rare conditions and infectious diseases. Through the CBI initiative, Walter hopes to contribute to improved quality of life, and help reduce the mobidity and mortality associated with these conditions as well as help minimise the cost of healthcare in Southern Africa. The use of high-tech and cost effective tools will ensure that the services at CBI will remain reachable to the vulnerable members of society while attaining highest quality of care for everyone.

We are proud to be led by Professor Chingwaru who is moved to be part of the solution to the growing disease burden in Zimbabwe and the region. Prof Chingwaru has wide experience In the field of Cell and Molecular Biology including cancer.

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